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Love knows no limits?

About Us

Rosie Rogers - Founder

In 2020 after many years of trying to navigate the system designed to support those with additional needs, I said goodbye to my son as he started a 7.5 year prison sentence.  He had to own the time for his crime but I needed answers. In 2014 I was told that ADHD in the majority of cases led to set pathways - early death, drugs or prison. These were the words of the paediatrician. 

He was identified as a fidget at 5 years old but it took another 9 years, 2 permanent exclusions and the start of a criminal record before he gained a diagnosis of ADHD and ASC

What struck me as I poured over the 'where did it all go wrong?' moments, was the number of reachable, teachable moments that were missed. The number of opportunities to listen and learn as parents, professionals and as the young man he became. I know now that this did not have to be inevitable and he could have been picked up earlier, accessed and provided support when he was still in a position of wanting to achieve, wanting to get through the day, wanting to be like his peers.


When he ends his time in prison we will start another journey but I am using the time we have now to work with other parents to explore those important moments of influence, to support them in self reflection of their approach to behaviours and to provide key resources to help those emotional, fidgeting or anxiety driven moments working to keep them from exclusion and an endless sense of failure. 

Meet the Board of Directors


Your Support System

Since ADHD & ASD Resources with Rosie was founded at the beginning of 2020, we have supported countless individuals as they navigate through difficult times, trying to find answers and ways of coping with their children who function differently from what society has shaped as the 'normal' child and the 'acceptable' behaviour. We have pulled together resources that will support children to engage for longer, stay in the classroom and be given the same opportunities as their peers by working with their differences


Rosie, the founder of the company, is using her experience, along with the stories of many other families to shape the resources. In 2019, Rosie's son  went to prison for over 7.5 years, missing the birth of his daughter and wiping out the majority of his 20's. Whilst he needed punishment for the crime he committed, it left his mum searching for answers of how things had got to where they had. Looking back over their experiences, Rosie identified key failings in the system that didn't support his ADHD and ASD, that led to his exclusions from school, his homelessness, his lack of self confidence and the enormity of impact on the family. Assault, abuse, fear and exhaustion of trying to maintain some family life, led to Rosie's emotional breakdown, her desire to find a way out, her depression and broken mental health but it eventually led to a passion to make a difference for any family who needs support for their child with ADHD or ASD.

We sell resources to families who are looking at ways of managing behaviour, communication with their child and keeping their child engaged with an aim to keep them in education. We support those that can't afford resources by using the generosity of others to donate free resources to those who are vulnerable but regardless of how low the cost cannot afford to buy them. 

No parent should be struggling to get support for their child's mental health, behaviour or right to be educated, we will support wherever we can to make changes

From the resources that we sell, we plan to pay for a piece of research into safe and suitable educational settings for children with hypersensitive ADHD and late diagnosed ASD. Initially we need to engage a partner who will find us further funding streams, to do this we will need an initial investment. This is going to take us time as we are not going to put the premium on to families, however we will get there, so watch this space. 

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Liam McKervey

Equality and fairness is at the heart of this enterprise. We will ensure responsibility, respect and trust are the strong foundational principles this company is built on

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Tom Morgan

A Rosie.jpg

Rosie Rogers

We may be small but our passion for equality for neuro diverse individuals is huge - we will make a difference

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Jonathan Rogers

Imagine how many more people would play a positive part in our society if we welcomed their differences as a normal part of life

ADHD and ASC Resources with Rosie has grown from one founder to a board of passionate people who want to see a difference in the future prospects for young people with ADHD or late diagnosed ASC. Individually they are driven and motivated to see change happen, collectively they are a team of volunteer Directors who work hard to support the business and ensure the company stays on track with its mission to make a difference and be purposeful. 

ADHD & ASC RwR Steering Group

At ADHD and ASC Resources with Rosie we are very aware that we are not representative of the ADHD and ASC community. We are not diagnosed neuro-divergent and we are also the least diverse group of people ever - so we are doing something about it. We have approached a number of people from the ADHD and ASC community and asked for them to join a Steering Group to help take our business to the next level. Each person not only has a perspective through diagnosis of themselves or a family member but each brings a skill and natural talent to improve our vision and help us to be truly meaningful with children, young people and their families at the heart of what we stand for. 

The Steering Group will ensure we use appropriate language, our materials are inclusive and our focus is on the right things.  

As soon as we have more details of those who have accepted this role we will update this section.

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