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Consultation Support

ADHD and ASC RwR offer a range of support to settings, professionals and schools to support children and young people with ADHD and late diagnosed ASC. We are not experts in diagnosis or medication and therefore steer away from this and leave it to those with the expert knowledge. However, with over 25 years of experience in Children and Young Peoples Services and the world of Special Education Needs and Disabilities our Founder and Operational Director can offer support and advice on providing safe spaces, understanding young people with ADHD and late diagnosed ASC and having helpful conversations regarding appropriate responses in both teaching and parenting to support a notion of choice and consequence.  Advice and support is also offered to businesses that want to support the needs and challenges experienced by those with neuro diverse abilities. 

We also supply a range of resources to settings and organisations to meet the needs of the children and young people in their care, tailoring each bag or box to their individual needs adding personal touches to give the extra feeling of belonging

Schools, Settings and Professionals

From appropriate safe spaces, to sensory resource provision, to thinking how to become an enabler for those who are neuro diverse rather than a reactor to behaviour.  We can also supply a wide range of resources at low cost

Playing in a Fountain
Parent and Child

Parenting Behaviours

Parenting ADHD can be extremely difficult when you are so invested in balancing a happy household with the needs of a neuro diverse child. We base our support on the methods of 'choice and consequence' but also on recognising the need to break down everything we think to be 'normal' when it comes to task and finish. 

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