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Vocational Opportunities instead of GCSE's?

Research 1

As a not for profit organisation we put every penny back into the mission of the company. In years to come we hope to carry out two pieces of very important research. 

1. If young people are travelling on a trajectory of permanent exclusion, or so many temporary exclusions that their chances of success at GCSE are minimal, why are we not offering a vocational opportunity? Do we have to wait for them to be sent to a specialist provision or Pupil Referral Unit? If they have raw and natural talent or the drive to be nurtured to a career opportunity why not explore it at the earliest teachable reachable moment when it is clear that traditional GCSE is not viable without immense emotional trauma? 

Focusing at Work

Exclusive Inclusive

Research 2

Many exclusions from a mainstream school stems from a behaviour that is undesirable. In many cases the young person hasn't gone to school that day with the intention of leaving ten minutes after arriving but something will happen that will throw them into a state of anxiety, rage or even a 'I have no idea how I feel but its bad' feeling. Unable to find the words or mental space to verbalise their state of mind what often follows is screaming, violence, bad language, compromised safety and ultimately an exclusion. Some of the causes can be traced back to over stimulation, sensory overload and unexpected change and these are all things we could anticipate as professionals. We would like to explore if a school environment can be adapted to meet the needs of the neuro-diverse as well as provide the nutritional education for the neurotypical. Simple things like plain walls, no coats, the use of booths, ear defenders and microphones, side rooms with full participation technology. Can we practice exclusive teaching to be inclusive? 

Child and Headphones
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