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Support Us to Help Others

A message from the Directors

As a not-for-profit organisation we work hard in a voluntary capacity to ensure every order is handpicked, purposeful to the child and personalised to meet their needs. We do not take anything from the business and ensure any profits are used for just two purposes:

1. To build a fund that will enable us to carry out the research set out in Our Direction

2. To provide support and resources to children and families who are unable to support themselves. 

We also have an aim to keep the resources at a very low cost to our parents as noone should pay an excess because they have a disability or additional need, therefore we make very little surplus for our cause and with the impacting economic situation we are not raising significant amounts to support those in need of our service.

We do have a number of ways that you can support us as a business to support others. 

Become a Sponsor

To sponsor ADHD and ASC RwR we ask companies or individuals to provide money or resources to our nonprofit programme of work in exchange for specific promotional benefits.

In exchange for supporting us you will receive a number of promotional opportunities via our website, letterheads and email signatures. Specific sponsorships of individual bags or boxes will see your logo or name also included on their graphics.

You will be supporting a small not-for-profit business provide much needed resources for others whilst being able to detail your philanthropic support and know that you have supported those that need it. 

There are a number of ways you can support us as a sponsor including:

  1. Financial - where funding is exchanged for benefits including publicity. 

  2. In-kind - as we develop we are going to need as much marketing support as possible, venues for groups for young people and families in Bristol and hosts for our Steering Group​

  3. Media event Event sponsorship can be a media outlet giving a free advertisement for us or provide funding to help fund our advertising.

Make a Donation

You can make a donation here

All donations are used to provide support to children and young people or to provide the much-needed research that we have a passion to complete. 

Provide feedback and support us as a member through regular consultation


Offer us a skill to support our business (voluntarily)

Because we are a very small organisation we need all the support we can get. We are looking for people who can offer the following skills in a voluntary capacity:

  • Social Media 

  • Marketing

  • Content writers

  • Subject Specialists

  • Fundraisers

  • Researchers

  • ADHD and ASC specialists with capacity to support groups in Bristol

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